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Advertising on a Twitch stream can be done in one of two ways: advertise directly on Twitch with commercials, or sponsor a livestreamer. There are pros and cons to both, but basically what you’re looking at is the difference of costs. Running a commercial can be cost-intensive since you will need to create the video, edit and then pay for advertising space. Alternatively, you can sponsor a streamer who will promote your brand for monthly fees. Fortunately for you, we have a marketplace where you can browse streamers to sponsor or find a videographer to create a commercial for you.

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Why do you need to advertise on Twitch?

Advertising on Twitch you have nearly all of the upside opportunities with no downside. Twitch consists of an 81.5% male viewership and 55% of the viewers are between 18-34. If your product serves this market you are missing a big opportunity by not leveraging these communities. Marketing with Twitch there will be initial costs but it is widely regarded as an underutilized marketing channel for brands. Because of this, there are advantages of marketing to its users both with cost and branding advantages compared to other platforms.

Types of Advertising on Twitch


Commercials come with the main advantage that you are able to directly track customer data. You can see how well a commercial is performing, and what return you’re able to generate for your brand. Of course, there are costs and timing issues due to the tracking and full service from Twitch. Read more.


The main advantage is you are able to reach people cheaply that care about supporting a specific streamer. With this, viewers typically see your product in a similar light. Additionally, you are able to leverage specific niches within the space as streamers attract certain audiences like English, German, 12-15 or 20-24 for example. Read more.

Video Game Promotions

Producing the game is supposed to be the hard part, right? Well as many come to find out thats just where the work gets started. After creating a game, you’ll need to build hype for your game, promote and give away keys to influencers. With our tools you can do this effectively. Read more.

How to use Dough.GG to advertise on Twitch

To find streamers to sponsor, simply sign up and contact them. You can also post a custom sponsorship right from your dashboard. With our tools you can pay, track and measure your streamer’s progress. Sign up to create a job now.

To create an advertisement, browse videographers that are willing to work with you. Check their work history, recieve proposals and pay them securely. Then just upload your commercial and monitor your advertising campaign. Find videographers now.

Promote your game and give away keys to the top streamers, just sign up and find the top Twitch influencers now.