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Twitch commercial videographers that have your brand covered

Commercials come with the main advantage that you are able to directly track customer data. You can see how well a commercial is performing, and what return you’re able to generate for your brand. Of course, there are costs and timing issues due to the tracking and full service from Twitch. One of the disadvantages can be the upfront cost. Although it is cheaper than other marketing channels, it is still more expensive than running a sponsorship. Since you’re using Twitch’s service they are going to charge you a bit more, but that comes with tracking and tools to measure your success. The last piece is actually creating the commercial and fortunately for you, you’re in the right place.

Look no further, your commercial production team is right here

Find the perfect videographer and editor for your Twitch advertisement. Search now.

What to consider when choosing a video editor

Choosing a videographer and editor to work with is a simple process with our tools.

First, you start by getting the product, goal, and budget in mind. This is as important for you as it is for your videographer.

Next, post your job on our website. A description of your goal, the product, and your service is important for potential videographers to know prior to bidding on your work. The more information the better!

Evaluate videographers based on their bid amount, work history, and portfolios.

Process the payment in escrow and provide your videographer with the product and goals. Alternatively, if you already have footage, provide them with the files and have your editor cut them together.

After your project has been completed the payment will finalize through escrow and watermarked images and videos will be removed. Next just upload your clip to your Twitch advertising account!

How to have a Twitch commercial produced for you

To have your own custom Twitch commercial made for you, simply head to the available videographers and contact them. Sign up now.