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Twitch streamers that have your marketing campaign covered

The main advantage of sponsoring a Twitch streamer is you are able to reach people effectively and cheaply that care about supporting a specific streamer. With this, viewers typically see your product in a similar light that is representative of the quality of the entertainment they’re watching. Additionally, you are able to leverage specific niches within the space as streamers attract different demographics based on the stream.

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What to consider when choosing a streamer to sponsor

When looking for a streamer to sponsor there are a few things to consider first. First, you need to determine what your goals, budget, and demographics are for your brand.

Next, create a sponsorship posting with your budget, what you’re looking for in a detailed description.

Some sponsorships offer a product in addition to compensation and this is important to decide on what you’re willing to give away in hopes of a return on your ad spend.

Begin inviting candidates or allow them to freely bid on your sponsorship. Evaluate them on their work history, stream size and other metrics.

Use Dough to analyze metrics of potential streamers and determine who (or multiple) to work with. With our tools, you can manage a full team with ease.

At the end of the month, if the responsibilities of the streamer are fulfilled and the relationship is a success the payment will leave escrow to the streamer.

How to have a Twitch streamer partner with you

To have your own Twitch stream sponsored team, simply head to the available videographers and invite them to your job post. Sign up now to access your dashboard and get started.