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Twitch streamers that help you promote your game with playthroughs, keys, and giveaways

On Twitch many of the top streamers are playing paid content in one way or another in their schedule. They may be a smaller streamer that’s giving away keys in exchange for a free copy, or they may be a top streamer promoting a game by a paid playthrough. Either way, the goal is the same – for them to be compensated for providing your game value and growing your game by connecting with streamers. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to sit around and DM people all day so you can browse people who are interested in promoting your game with our Twitch marketplace.

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What to consider when choosing Twitch streamers to promote your game

Consider the timeline.

If you have a release date a great way to promote your game is by running key giveaways and playthroughs is to release them with streamers during the beta period. Planning in advance for this date can be a great way to coordinate dozens of different streamers for that beta or full game launch day!

What’s your budget?

You may not even have one! This is totally fine, our platform attracts streamers of all sizes so you’ll have your pick of the litter. However, livestreamers value their time just like you do and want to be compensated fairly. This is why you see medium and large streamers getting paid for playthroughs, and to be honest its worth it for both sides.

Do you have a goal?

If you’re already running your game and its available for purchase you can try to measure the direct impact of playthroughs and giveaways. Alternatively, if your game is prior to release you can see what keys have been claimed and by whom. Then measure this by seeing how many beta keys turn into game sales and compare this with the expenses of your game promotion campaign on Dough.

Work history, streamer size, and professionalism should be highly valued.

Some of the stereotypes about gamers being a bit on the lazy side is warranted. At the end of the day, streamers want to game! However, this is problematic in a transaction like this, so we created work history for you to evaluate a streamer. Don’t undervalue professionalism!

How to contact your future game promotion team

To have your own custom Twitch alerts made for you, simply head to your dashboard, create a game promotion and evaluate streamers! Sign up now.

Process the payment in escrow and provide your videographer with the product and goals. Alternatively, if you already have footage, provide them with the files and have your editor cut them together.

After your project has been completed the payment will finalize through escrow and watermarked images and videos will be removed. Next just upload your clip to your Twitch advertising account!

How to have a Twitch commercial produced for you

To have your own custom Twitch commercial made for you, simply head to the available videographers and contact them. Sign up now.