Finding the right Twitch artist and designer

Your stream doesn’t need to look decent. It has to look great! A sharp design that captures the theme and tone of your livestream is fundamental to your Twitch stream growth. All of the designers of Dough can help you create a professional presentation with your channel art.

We have managed to source some of the world’s top Twitch design talent. On our marketplace, you will find talented and experienced Twitch art commissions that can help create emotes, overlays, panels and anything you need to run your stream.

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Why do you need to hire a Twitch artist?

As with any entertainment, if the art and design of your channel do not properly represent your brand, it will seriously affect the chances of your stream being discovered. Your stream should have art, overlays, badges and a logo that reflects the branding and theme of your channel. Why go to the extend of all of your hard work on your stream, while failing to capture the thousands of missed opportunities, since people will judge your stream based on the channel art and design?

Twitch artist types

“Twitch artists and designers” is a general term full of different skills and services. With our marketplace, you’ll be able to search specifically for sub badges and emote artists, logo and branding design, overlay creators, alerts and channel art creators.


Twitch alerts are an on-screen gif or picture that displays when a user donates, follows, subscribes, hosts or raids you. It is typically accompanied by a custom audio alert in addition to the image. Read more.


Branding refers to the overall theme and tone your art represents. It represents the typography, styling and colors of your images in your channel design. Read more.

Channel Art

Channel art can mean many different things within your channel but it directly relates to the miscellaneous content created for your Twitch stream. This can be an icon or banner on your channel, or images accompanying your stream promotions and partnered brands. Read more.


Twitch emotes are essential to the community’s livestream chat. In your chat your viewers will be able to interact with you and one another, many times in the form of an icon. These icons can represent specific jokes, memes or can be a way to even welcome a new sub! Read more.


The logo for your livestream is a symbol that identifies your theme and brand in one simple icon. It should be something that is recognizable, simple and original while capturing the tone and theme of your Twitch stream. Read more.


An overlay can be as simple as a border around your webcam, or it can be a full screen scene that takes up the whole frame. It is a graphic that is typically a fixed transparent PNG file, or an animated file for an animated overlay. Almost as if your stream is masked, with this image tying everything together underneath of it. Read more.


Twitch info panels are used underneath the stream and chat section of your channel. It is used to provide your viewers with more information about you, your schedule, what you play, how to donate, subscribe and more. It’s also a great branding opportunity to make sure everything lines up and can be a valuable section to promote products from sponsors. Read more.

Sub Badges

Subscribers to your Twitch channel can receive sub badges to signify to others in chat they are a supporter of your stream. It acts as a reward to those subscribed to your channel to continue to do so in the form of an original subscriber badge for the first month with tiers following afterward. Read more.

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