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Twitch emotes are essential to the community’s livestream chat. In your chat, your viewers will be able to interact with you and one another, many times in the form of an icon. These icons can represent specific jokes, memes or can be a way to even welcome a new sub! Twitch emotes are a critically important part of your stream. Investing into a set of icons for your community can be a good way to not only improve your stream but help grow your channel.

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What to consider when choosing a Twitch emote artist

Choosing an emote artist is a simple process but there are a few steps to take as a streamer to ensure the right one is commissioned for your channel.

First, decide what your budget is. This will help you determine how many you can commission for your stream, and what type of Twitch emote package you can commission.

Next, determine what type of emote designer you want to work with. You can sort our marketplace by price, amount of emotes to be commissioned or work history rating.

After this, you will just need to specify what your Twitch emote design is to your artist. Alternatively, you can also collaborate with your designer to create a Twitch emote based on your existing stream. They’ll come up with an idea for you and get your emote commissioned.

To have your own custom Twitch alerts made for you, simply head to the available freelancers and contact them. If you have a custom order or something more complicated, you can also create a custom job post from your dashboard.