Finding the right Twitch overlay designer

An overlay can be as simple as a border around your webcam, or it can be a full-screen scene that takes up the whole frame. It is a graphic that is typically a fixed transparent PNG file, or an animated file for an animated Twitch overlay. Almost as if your stream is masked, with this image tying everything together underneath of it. Your live stream overlay is the first and main thing your viewer will see when they watch your content. The right overlay design will not only have the Twitch overlay but a collection of scenes such as BRB, offline, AFK, stream starting and stream ending scenes.

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What to consider when choosing a livestream overlay

Think of your live stream as if its a cable channel. It’s more than a collection of scenes, but its a source of entertainment for your viewers. If you’re not separating yourself from other entertainment with your production, you won’t be able to compete. For this reason, the overlay is so pivotal in your success and should be treated in the design of it as such. Twitch overlays can be a great way to show your viewers you are willing to invest in professional looking entertainment.

First, you need to decide if you want an animated or static Twitch overlay. An animated Twitch overlay can cost a bit more, but the production quality is immediately noticeable.

Next, determine a color scheme or at least a set of tones that match your streaming style. If all you do is stream FPS games, maybe earthy tones and colors aren’t right for you.

After this, simply head to our marketplace and commission a Twitch overlay for your channel.

How to have Twitch stream alerts made

To have your own custom Twitch overlays made for you, simply head to the available freelancers and contact them. You can search available overlay artists by their work history, price or overlay type. Using our tools you can determine who you want to work with for your livestream overlay design with ease. If you have a custom order or something more complicated, you can also create a custom job post from your dashboard.