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Twitch sub badges that have your stream covered

Subscribers to your Twitch channel can receive sub badges to signify to others in chat they are a supporter of your stream. It acts as a reward to those subscribed to your channel to continue to do so in the form of an original subscriber badge for the first month with tiers following afterward. Sub badges for your Twitch channel can be a great way to separate your stream from others. Not only will your viewers be more incentivized to subscribe to your channel and increase your revenue, but it will help show your viewers that your stream means business.

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What to consider when choosing a sub badge

Choosing sub badges is an important step when going from a small time to big time streamer. Not only does it signify to your viewers that your stream is here to stay but it incentivizes the subscription button for your community. Its a real turning point, and you want to commission the right type of badges with the best artist available. Thankfully you have us!

First, decide on a theme for your badges. Do you have a theme for your stream in place? Or are you just getting there now?

Next, decide on a color scheme. Many of us at this point have colors already in mind. Gather the right hex code to be able to provide this information to your sub badge designer.

Finally, decide on how many badges you need. Some of this will be determined based on how big of a streamer you are. As an affiliate your selection is limited, but as you grow you are able to access new badge tiers. This is an important distinction when commissioning your sub badges.

Lastly, determine your final budget. Make sure it is within reason and is fair for not only you but your sub badge creator.

How to have Twitch sub badges commissioned

To have your own custom Twitch subscription badges made for you, simply head to the available freelancers and contact them. You can search available Twitch badge artists by their work history, price or package type. Using our tools you can determine who you want to work with for your Twitch sub badges with ease. If you have a custom order or something more complicated, you can also create a custom job post from your dashboard to commission your custom sub badges.