Finding the right livestream coder

Many streamers simply do not understand the reality of being a brand. Its a bit sad, but you’re here which is great because now you can learn about the importance of branding not just your channel, social media and your own website. So many of us use Discord as a community hub of sorts, but it’s not fully serving. A great way to leverage your brand into new media opportunities, show all of your followers what you’re up to in one place, be more sponsorable and get more viewers is to have a website for your Twitch stream! This is by no means the first step but you see so many Twitch streamers without any website! Do you expect a brand, media agency or viewer to contact you through so many different channels? The best way to brand yourself is to create your own central hub through web development. It helps with embedded streams that new viewers can stumble upon, social media automatically integrating, business contact information, merchandise, and so much more. Being a brand does not end on your stream. Your brand should be a personality that knows no bounds – that just happens to stream on Twitch. Not only can you create a website where you become a more cohesive brand, but you can also create custom widgets on your stream. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to code so these on-screen widgets are fairly uncommon. Because of this – they are extremely professional looking and set you apart by leaps and bounds.

What to consider before hiring a coder for your Twitch stream

In order to develop a website or create custom coded widgets for your stream, you need to have a few things in place.

First, it should be worth it for you to do this. It’s going to cost a bit of money, which is relative to where your stream is and its size but it’s cost prohibitive for small streamers.

Next, if you’re developing a website for your channel but don’t have an overlay you’re doing it backwards. Remember that this is a supplemental step for you to take and is only important for medium to large streamers (15,000 watch hours/month or more!)

Twitch Coder Types

Twitch coders are composed of different skills and services. With our marketplace, you’ll be able to search specifically for web development or custom widget coding for your Twitch channel.

Custom Channel Widgets

Creating custom channel widgets can help your stream look more professional and increase its production quality. On-screen code can help serve a unique problem you are facing, or it can just a custom image with a “follow me” attached to it. Either way, we don’t know how to do it so find a coder to help you out! Read more.

Web Design

The process of web design is a series of steps that starts with an idea and ends with a finished website. Twitch web design, in particular, can help your stream aggregate social media posts, provide business contact information, embed your stream and act as an e-commerce shop for fan gear or sponsored products that you’ve managed to acquire. If you want to be atop-tier streamer you need to start acting like one. Read more.