Complete Beginners Guide to Advertising on Twitch

If you are a smart marketer for your e-commerce site you understand just how valuable many of the newer digital marketing tools can be for your business. Now imagine it on steroids. Twitch marketing is so new and demographically focused you can use it to launch your brand to the next level. Read about how to advertise on Twitch to take your brand into the future of content delivery.

Some Brief Twitch Stats

Just in this last week, there have been an average of 1.23 million viewers watching content on Twitch with a peak of 3.99 million viewers on August 26th, 2018. That’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To say this marketing opportunity is undervalued is understating it. It is absolutely the future of content delivery. During one of YouTube Live’s most hyped up events, the Paul vs KSI/Deji fight, more people actually watched the event on Twitch even though it was being promoted mainly on YouTube.

Lets back up for a minute. Twitch has “streamers” create content by playing games, live streaming their own talk shows or even just walking around with their viewers watching them. Their viewers see them as celebrities and will give them donations in exchange for the streamer reading out their comment or donation in front of everyone. Additionally, viewers can subscribe to avoid the Twitch platform’s ads and receive access to emotes and other features in the chat room. Streamers have another option to monetize their stream by promoting products or services from businesses on stream. As a marketer, this is one of the simplest ways. Not only can you immediately get your products in front of as many people as you want, but you can also track it.

How to Sponsor a Streamer

To sponsor a streamer we recommend working with us. We are biased of course, but since Twitch advertising is such a new marketing channel some advice will go a long way. Additionally, the build-out of our platform will solve many of the disadvantages of advertising on Twitch.

Some of the issues with influencers are that you need to reach search out hundreds of different potential influencers individually. Also, you won’t have a way to determine the past history of their sponsorships and past performance related to their partnerships. Additionally, there is no way to search through the vast network of streamers to find someone that fits the maturity, size, niche, games or personal interests. Dough will solve your Twitch advertising issues to help you reach a large audience while running a team of Twitch streaming influencers at scale.

Types of Sponsorships

Typically sponsorship for an entertainer or event works with a few varying levels. In sporting events and teams there is a title, general, official, technical and participating or informal sponsorship.

When it comes to sponsoring a Twitch streamer it translates to something a bit different.

A title sponsor can create an arrangement with the streamer and also make sure the sponsorship is exclusive. Partnering with a streamer as a title sponsor is a more expensive strategy, but you can ensure your brand isn’t sponsoring alongside certain companies. Additionally, your brand can agree to use this streamer in marketing and promotional materials. With all of these benefits, you will need to make up 100% of a streamers potential sponsorship earning potential to maintain exclusivity.

General sponsors is a sponsorship that is not exclusive and is typically grouped with others. You can still ensure other sponsors are not competitors but not choose beyond that. In this arrangement, there are often 2 or 3 general sponsors and the group will make up ~75% of total sponsorship for the streamer. General sponsors are used to replacing the lack of a title sponsor.

Official sponsors are used in supplementing general sponsorship agreements from other companies. This type of sponsor can support the streamer with computer hardware and accessories. These sponsors should only should make up around 10-35% of funds.

A participating sponsor is involved at a much lower rate. They aren’t mentioned as often and are only mentioned through influencer posts or as a logo on the stream.

Costs of Sponsoring a Twitch Streamer

Another route you can take to advertise on Twitch is to hand pick streamers to sponsor. Some of the advantages of sponsoring a streamer is that many channels are underutilized and don’t have any sponsorship. With this, there is an opportunity cost for a streamer to not have one. Of course, streamers are willing to accept terms as long as the product or service matches their audience well.

  • One of the issues with sponsoring a streamer is the inability to scale this type of strategy. It can be extremely difficult to manage off all of these small sponsorships at scale and creates issues for businesses using this as a long-term strategy.
  • Another problem can be there is no way to know a streamer’s history, past performance, or potentially brand-damaging issues.
  • Finding streamers that match your product or service can be difficult since Twitch does not have sorting features, and then you will need to contact each one individually.

This is why we created Dough. Dough is a platform that connects you with streamers and is everything you need to run a Twitch marketing campaign. This means that our platform will help you find streamers through sorting, determine history, run a wide network through one service and post different types of jobs. With Dough, you have everything you need to run your Twitch marketing campaign in your back pocket.