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Twitch production is a term that can mean many different things from the intro audio on your livestream to the export of highlight clips. No matter the stage, you need a high-quality livestream to be able to compete in such a saturated market. Look at your stream as entertainment, and the only way to grow is by providing the best possible experience in your content. That may mean you have custom audio, scenes or video editing for VOD or YouTube channel content. Whatever you’re looking to do, our Twitch marketplace has the best video and audio editors to get your job done!

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Types of Twitch Production


Audio for your live stream can be tricky. So often, audio is already copyrighted and can create problems with VOD uploads in the future. Even though you may not know how to create an audio track from scratch, there are freelancers that can capture the feeling and tone of your livestream to create custom intro stream audio, AFK stream audio and exit stream audio. This way you are entertaining your stream during downtime and increasing the overall entertainment quality of your stream – to help you grow! Read more.

Video Editing

It still amazes me how people don’t fully use the full potential of video editing. Video editing clips, highlights and VOD for re-upload is so important as you are a brand and source of entertainment. If you want to be providing the best possible experience you will have to provide ongoing content for those who missed your livestream, and also may not have even heard of you! Read more.

How to have Twitch video and audio edited for you

To have your own custom Twitch production team work with you, simply head to the available freelancers and contact them. If you have a custom order or something more complicated, you can also create a custom job post from your dashboard.