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Livestream video editors that have your stream covered

It still amazes me how people don’t fully use the full potential of video editing. Video editing clips, highlights and VOD for re-upload is so important as you are a brand and source of entertainment. If you want to be providing the best possible experience you will have to provide ongoing content for those who missed your livestream, and also may not have even heard of you! You can use highlights, clips and other should video edits on your Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and Instagram! Fortunately for you, you’re in the right place. With Dough you can find all of the video editors you need and even channel managers and tools to upload your video content regularly.

What to consider when choosing a video editor for your Twitch channel

What’s your goal? Are you trying to get new viewers, keep viewers updated or provide more entertainment?

The second thing you should consider when looking to hire a video editor to work with you is what type! Video edits come in all shapes, sizes and lengths. The difference between a highlight video edit on Twitch versus Instagram is astronomical.

Frequency. How often are you going to post highlight clips and edits to your channel? Finding a video editor to help you push content out regularly should be valued as highly as the edit themselves. You can find the perfect person, but if they’re never available – then what?!

The fourth consideration is cost. Your budget is going to be the final filter to determine how often you can upload, how many videos you can create and what quality of video editor you can work with. A good idea to keep in mind is that your cost is relative to where you’re at; however, it’s common to see streamers putting 15% of their livestreaming earnings back into their content through video edits, equipment and channel art!

How to have Twitch and YouTube video edits made for your channel

To have your own custom Twitch videos edited for you, simply head to the available freelancers and contact a livestream editor. You can search available by work history, price, package type (Like YouTube video editing or Twitch clip editing). Using our tools you can determine who you want to work with for your highlight and VOD edits with ease. If you have a custom order or something more complicated, you can also create a custom job post from your dashboard to commission your edits.