Finding the right way to promote your livestream

Promoting your livestream is an essential part of growing it and achieving your goals. A critical part of your work day should be dedicated to finding sponsors, reaching out to fans and collaborating with other streamers. Having success in these areas will directly come back to help your stream. Having the right tools like the Dough Collaboration board and community will help your stream connect with other gamers. Other things like finding a sponsorship is something we offer as well to help you monetize your content. Fortunately, we’re here with guides and tools to help you grow your livestream.

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What to consider when promoting your Twitch channel

First, consider your goal. If your goal is to increase the number of people watching you, you can utilize the collaboration board and tools to promote your channel through social.

Next, remember where you are at as a streamer. Self-awareness about where you are at with your livestream’s progress is important as it will help you stay grounded with what you can accomplish. For example; you won’t be as easy to hire as a sponsored streamer if you’re smaller. However, as a small streamer, you’re definitely useful to game devs who need people to run key giveaways and drive hype with paid playthroughs!

Types of Promotion Tools


Collaborating on Twitch is surprisingly easy, but if you’re not careful it can take up loads of time, and you can find people that don’t really match your style and you’re stuck with them. Collaborating with other streamers can help both of you grow and for each other’s audiences to discover one another. It’s definitely important that you find someone that complements your streaming style and that your community will enjoy you playing with. Read more.


Becoming sponsored on Twitch marks a turning point for streamers. A streaming sponsorships provides you with compensation, which can be huge since you can reinvest in back into your stream and are more likely to be able to sustain full time streaming. However, it can be extremely challenging to actually find one, but you can search for one more effectively with Dough. Read more.

How to have use promotion tools on Dough

To promote your channel on our platform you simply need to sign up, access the collaboration board and search for sponsorships. Once you get started, you can post to the collaboration board what you’re interested in playing and what level of streaming partner you’re interested in collaborating with on Twitch. For sponsorships, you simply need to wait on an invite from sponsors that match you or search for sponsorships actively. After seeing a sponsorship you’re interested in, respond to their post professionally.