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Collaborating on Twitch is surprisingly easy, but if you’re not careful it can take up loads of time, and you can find people that don’t really match your style and you’re stuck with them. Collaborating with other streamers can help both of you grow and for each other’s audiences to discover one another. It’s definitely important that you find someone that complements your streaming style. Your community will enjoy you playing with someone that matches your attitude towards the game. The great news is we created a way for you to connect with other streamers that match you!

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What to consider when looking for a stream partner

When looking for someone to stream with its important that you anticipate how your audience will react with you playing them. Of course, you want your viewers to have a good time and you shouldn’t bring in someone thats going to be toxic.

The size of the other streamer should be around your level or higher. The reasoning here is simply that your audience will be watching both of you and you should be rewarded as much as you’re giving their community. In some cases, where the game is competitive, it can be okay to play with someone a bit smaller if they are considered great at the game.

This sounds obvious but timezones, language and streaming times are important. Even if you match personality wise, you may never be able to end up streaming at the same time!

Matching the demographics of your channels is pretty important when deciding on a streaming partner to duo or playthrough with. Obviously, if you have mostly guys who are into RPGs and you match with a streamer’s audience of 12 year old Fortnite fans – its probably not going to work.

How to find a streaming partner with Dough

To find someone to partner with on your next playthrough you can use our collaboration board after signing up. Simply browse fellow streamers on the page, or post that you’re looking for others to collab with right from your dashboard.