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Twitch sponsorship tools that have your stream covered

Becoming sponsored on Twitch marks a turning point for streamers. A streaming sponsorships provides you with compensation, which can be huge since you can reinvest in back into your stream and are more likely to be able to sustain full time streaming. Not only do you get to show your Twitch community what products you care about, but you also can get quite a few freebies for them! Even though almost everyone wants one – it can be extremely challenging to actually find one. Instead of DM’ing everyone you can just search for one more effectively on our platform.

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How to get a Twitch sponsorship using Dough

To become sponsored on Dough, you simply need to view the sponsorship board page after signing up. Because they post sponsorships regularly, its your job to apply to them or wait on invites from those who match. You will need to send them a cover letter and bid amount. To get started simply sign up.

What to consider when choosing sponsors for your livestream

When looking at who you want to partner with for your livestream, try to keep in mind a few things.

Brand compatibility. Will you and your community like the brand? Is it something that you like?

Do you respect the brand? What does the their track record look like? Do they have a decent work history rating on Dough? Do they have ethical business practices?

What are the requirements? Some brands will create requirements that are not possible due to where they want the logo on your stream or how large. Some may require you to post on Twitter 2 times per month with a sponsored message – and well if you don’t have Twitter it probably isn’t going to work out!

Exclusivity. Depending on what type of sponsorship you’re responding to you need to make sure the level of it won’t cause conflicts with existing or future Twitch sponsors.

Contract details. Does the company want to sponsor you for 1 month of 1 year?

Compensation and freebies. What will you get paid for completing the requirements on your livestream? Will you get free gear to give out to your community?

2 way street! With a sponsorship comes responsibility. Of course, when you have a Pewdiepie on the bridge situation – you will end up losing sponsors. Heck, it may even prevent you from getting them in the future. In addition to your reputation in the future as a sponsored streamer, you will also be expected to have a good attitude and represent the company well.