As a Twitch streamer you need a software that will help your audience enjoy your stream as much as possible. Most of the software will get the job done, but there are many factors to consider. One of the issues is how efficiently a program will run, and it may even slow down your game’s frames. Other times, the program doesn’t get in your way but there are really limiting features for your viewers to enjoy. We have spent the time to narrow down the top professional Twitch live streaming software available.

To determine the best Twitch streaming software, we looked at a few critical components:

  • Be able to capture the video, system audio, webcam and microphone all at the same time.

  • Record the entire or portion of the screen.

  • Mark important streaming moments to save for later while streaming.

  • Record at 120 FPS or higher.

  • Change video speed or alter audio real time during stream.

  • Create scenes and access scenes while Twitch streaming.

  • Offer Twitch follower, donation, subscriber and chat notifications.


Simply put there is a reason StreamLabs is the most popular streaming software. Over 30% of all streamers use it and it has over 1.37 million active users in total. You simply download the desktop app, create a profile and then load your stream. With StreamLabs you can immediately access your dashboard, overlays, analytics, and alerts to get going in minutes.

Streamlabs supports Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and even Facebook. This Twitch streaming software is completely free to use and processes donations without any fees. In terms of ease of use and reliability, it is the industry standard and with the features they roll out it will continue to be.

XSplit is another top streaming software for Twitch streaming. It supports all capture cards, easily alter your webcam and change your background. It also offers some additional production features like adding remote guests and editing high fidelity sound. XSplit boasts some impressive plugins and integrations. It has gone above and beyond to develop donation alerts, music requests and even some custom ones you can create.