Complete Twitch Giveaway Guide With Tips and Ideas Included

How to do a Twitch giveaway

It wasn’t long ago a new video game was released; the only way to check it out was by watching over the shoulder of family and friends who managed to get it into their hands.

Today, it’s more comfortable to watch a new game in action; thanks to the dominance of online videos and live streaming platforms like Twitch.

Twitch is one of the world largest online video game streaming platform. As a platform, it has received about 8 million unique visitors within its first month of launch and today; it accounts for an astounding 43% of all the revenue generated by gaming video contents.

Twitch accounts for almost as much peak traffic as behemoths like Google and Netflix. It’s no wonder why Amazon shelled out about $970 million for the purchase of the streaming platform back then in 2014.

It’s now a statement of fact that Twitch has become an excellent place for streamers to generate some revenue and find an audience. Those who stream on Twitch can make tons of money in diverse ways like subscription, ad revenue, donation, sponsorship and merchandising.

Top users of twitch have been able to transform their streaming into a very profitable business, with some of them earning up to $350,000 monthly.

The facts stated above are correct, and they reveal the vast and profitable audience who are waiting for you on Twitch. You have no choice other than to go out and get as much attention as you desire while playing your favorite video games.

That’s where Twitch giveaway comes in handy.

But then you may want to ask, what are Twitch giveaways?

Let’s walk you through the basics of a giveaway, after which we’ll cover other extensive subtopics related to Twitch giveaway.

That said, let’s dive deep.

Twitch giveaways are a very sure way of gaining some new viewers or even getting some more eyeballs on you as a streamer. If you have some money that you’ll like to spare or you got a gift that you don’t’ really want, why not try using these gifts for a contest? Think of it as an investment into your community to have an opportunity to grow your stream.

Before you head away to offer that Amazon gift card or gaming equipment, take a look at the following to ensure that you’re getting the best from your giveaway.

Twitch Giveaway Ideas

Identify your goals.

This is probably one of the ideas you should consider when you want to giveaway on twitch. You must be able to figure out what you wish to accomplish.  In most cases, if you’re one of those streamers, then it’s certain that you’re probably trying to get more followers on your twitch channel. But then the question lies before you.  How many of those followers do you want after your giveaway? It’s best to always set some expectations in your head before considering a giveaway.

Also, always remember that the net worth of the number of followers you’re looking out for should be reasonably compared to price worth of what you wish to giveaway. Always view this from a marketing standpoint. If the average viewer generates $5.00 and you think a $150 gift card can be worth it, do some simple math. Total viewer increase = $150.00/$5.00 to find the solution. In this case, if you gain 30 viewers or more the giveaway is worth it.

You may want to ask, what the cost of a single follower on twitch is?

Well, there are several tools to use for this, including our platform and looking at data before and after the giveaway. A great way to find this cost is to analyze your earnings and how many followers and viewers you have. Another good way is to run a test with a small giveaway. In the above example, a $20.00 gift card, mouse or headset stand can be a good way to see how much a $20.00 can help your stream in follower growth.

Prize Wisely

Now it’s essential to know that the kind of viewers you’ll eventually draw in is to a large extent dependent on the item you choose to giveaway. If your choice is to get a more significant number of followers, then it’s advisable to use things that won’t tie viewers to a specific service or platform.

For instance, an Uncharted 4 is only compatible in PS4. So viewers who own either PC or Xbox are immediately cut off from reach when you offer a new copy of the unchartered 4.

However, if you’re a smash streamer and you wish to giveaway an SSB GameCube Controller, you’d have a reduced demographics, but then you’ll be able to reach out to viewers who’re lovers of smash and are so engaged with that community. It’s important to not only give your viewers something, but give them something they care about.

Organize Your Twitch Giveaways With Bots, Rules and Tools

There are lots of services that you can use to achieve your goals quickly, but then we’re going to be considering Gleam because it lets you to freely run a giveaway and also offer some robust features at a free tier. Some of which are quick and hassle-free, built in sharing and supports many 3rd party integrations like YouTube and Twitch, so that many users can easily follow your account on those services.

Gleam also offers you a hosted landing page where you can embed your contest anywhere. It gives you an opportunity for people who follow your Twitter, like your Facebook page or retweet the contest to get more tickets to win.

You may ask the question, where will you promote your livestream giveaway? Well, that’ll take us to the final ideas on Twitch giveaway ideas.

Promotion is Key

You may have done everything else correctly, but does it matter if you don’t put the giveaway in front of anyone? Probably not. We’d recommend at least 3-4 week run-time for larger prizes ($150+) and 1-2 week runtime for smaller prices (within the range $0 to $150). If you wish to spend such an amount of money, then you’d probably want to get something that’s worth your money right?

Before and during the giveaway, you may consider reaching out to your existing viewers and inform them about what you’re doing. In another way, you could consider tagging the product in a tweet with hopes that it’ll be retweeted, or you can try to reach out to the company, tell anyone you know to help you promote the giveaway, you can also partner with a significant influence on a giveaway, or create a Facebook ad if you have the capability to do so. Tell anyone and everyone about your giveaway whether you’re in a partnered community Discord or your own, to even including it in your title.

Also, make sure you have one or both of the following:

1). Some branding on your stream that instructs viewers to enter the gateway

2). Information or a panel who’ll be dedicated towards the giveaway on your streaming platform.

Now, we have covered some of the ideas you should consider when you want to do a Twitch giveaway. In the next section, we’re going to look out some tools useful for Twitch giveaways.

Giveaway Tools


Knowing fully well that a channel’s currency can become a giveaway prize, StreamElements is an excellent free service for Twitch giveaways. In addition to allowing you to customize rewards fully, StreamElements also features a lot of fun and engaging ways of spending the rewards. Create a streaming store and set the price for different game keys or interactions, start a contest which enables your viewers to use bet on you using their point and win some more points or prize.


You can use Nightbot to select the users who’ll enter the gateway. But then, you have the choice to decide the group of people who can take part in your giveaway, whether it’s regulars, mods, subscribers or users. Anyone in the selected category can win the specific giveaway that you’re starting.

You can have different types of giveaways on Nightbot.

The first type of giveaway is called “Active User”; it allows users who were very active in the past few minutes to enter the giveaway.

The second type of giveaway is “Keyword”; here, you’ll set up a keyword, and everyone who types in this keyword in chat will be automatically eligible for a specific giveaway. It can be a good way to run a giveaway for people who are actually watching!

The Last one which is quite weird but still fun is “Random Number,” here you’ll write a maximum and minimum within which a holy random will select a number that your viewers would guess in the chat. This is a bit tricky because you’ll not want tons of spam in your conversation. But then, it’ll be cool to try out something new once in a while.

You can use this tool to boost the luck of your subscribers; you can also use it to encourage newcomers by rewarding their loyalty or regulars.


If you want fully automatic Twitch giveaways with customizable triggers (hooks), then you could try out Streamjar. You can set a start key-based and a list of game keys giveaway. The service will pick one winner from amongst the eligible viewers and send the key via email with notification.

There is also a message-based giveaway that allows you to write a message which will be automatically sent to the winner; if you want your price to be a private link, then this is a great feature to consider.


If you wish to engage your audience with a remarkable and exciting giveaway, then Gleam is just the best tool to use. You can use it to create a list of tasks and goals which must be completed by your viewers; it can be a great way of promoting your channel.

Also, interacting with your community has never been easier, Gleam has a beautiful design and a very comfortable interface. You can use it to share a link, shoot a funny video or even subscribe to your social media.

Note that, Gleam is not free, but it’s entirely worth it especially if you’re interested in boosting the popularity of your channel.


Moobot has most of the features that Nightbot presents. It provides a useful chatbot that’ll help you to manage your chat. You can also use it to set a list of commands which can be used by your viewers when they want to get information about your channels and current giveaways.

Items to Giveaway to Your Community

Some people may see giveaways as a gimmick or a cheap way to attract viewers, but in the real sense giveaways are a very significant way to grow your community and give back to your viewers continuously. Its an investment into your community and you should price, market and promote it as such!

The community is one of the factors that makes streaming so exciting. As a matter of fact, a streamer with no twitch fans needs to grow a community for the stream to be worth it.

There are thousands of dedicated viewers who’ll be happy to help your channel grow without expecting nothing in return, but then streaming shouldn’t be a charity. To retain your fans, you’ll need to provide them with exclusive twitch rewards and contents; eventually, you’ll have an increased chance of money while streaming.

As a streamer, one of the best ways to motivate your fans is to ensure that you’re giving them something interesting. It’ll be great to ask them what kind of reward ideas they are likely to participate in, or instead provide a list of items and have select their preference.

One of the ways to get feedback is to ask them in chat or post a Facebook update. In this section, we’ll provide you with our selections of twitch rewards that are worthwhile.

Twitch Rewards Ideas to Stand Out From the Rest

Material gifts:

A lot of people love to receive gifts that are tangible. Hoodies or T-shirts with your channel emblem, signature, portrait, etc. cup coasters, bottle openers are the most popular material items. It can also be a great idea to reward your viewers with some small chops that can be used as snacks while a game session is on, such as chips, fruits, or gummy bears.

For larger streamers, you have the chance to run a giveaway to your fans that is cost prohibitive to other streamers. A product should not cost more than you hope to gain from the growth of your channel, and should represent your community. The reality is most of your viewers are also gamers, and gaming products are usually a good giveaway idea.

Curated Content:

Handbooks, Vlogs, personalized or monthly exclusive videos or contents specially generated for your subscribers can be a great way of saying thank you and motivating your Twitch fans. You can provide your subscribers with useful tips and insights about games, streaming and everything relating to you and your Twitch channel.

A handful of people love peeping behind the curtains, so posting videos or images about your life behind the screen will strengthen your relationship with your subscribers and create some more buzz around your brand.

Access to Additional features:

Giving thanks to each of your subscribers on Twitter, giving them the right to vote on the next game selection, private live stream, live Q&As, song requests, allowing them to access your private gaming server or your personal Instagram or Snapchat- these are some of the ways you can let your fans know that you care about them.

Virtual Currency:

You could consider creating your currency which can be used to reward viewers who’re on your stream. There are a lot of Twitch loyalty points bots which can help your fans to spend this currency on giveaways, rewards and the contents you create. Your fans can spend their currency on different experiences like request or invitation to play a game with a streamer.

Sharing Discounts:

Another good way to engage your audience is to offer discounts or coupons to your community. This becomes more possible when acquiring sponsorships for your stream. You can share the discount’s tracking number or code only with your Twitch subscribers or social followers and ask them to give their friends too – thus creating a word-of-mouth effect.

There are several thousands of content creators on Twitch and to be sincere, it’s quite difficult to become noticeable from scratch. To make your channel more unique, you’ll need to reward your subscribers with something special.

Your rewards should be centered around the sphere of your talents and interest, always take something that makes you unique.

Livestream Giveaways for Follower Growth

Stream giveaways are an excellent way of bringing new viewers or followers to your channels to experience your content. The idea is that you offer a prize like game codes, steam keys, DLC, skins and other rewards for subscribers of your stream to win.

Just like a fishing bait, you’re using the giveaway as to tool to draw the attention of new viewers that would not usually stop by to your channel. Everyone likes to win free stuff right? This is particularly true if you give your audience something precious.

Leveraging a giveaway to bring viewers to your stream is just like a hook that brings them back to your stream every day. If you can effectively use a giveaway to capture the attention of your subscribers, then you’d get some more audience growth.

The elements of a successful giveaway for followers are a good prize that your audience wants, building the hype of the giveaway itself and the real giveaway.

We’ll take a look at these and how to pick a giveaway prize that your viewers will be dying for, how to build the hype, spread the word about the event and how to conduct the giveaway on stream.

Hosting is a great way to show your viewers more content you are interested in when you aren’t streaming. Obviously, if you play a lot of World of Warcraft and then host a streamer from the Talk Shows category it is probably not going to be very effective. A good way to do this is to brand yourself with content that is related to your own. You should show content related to your own stream that you find entertaining.

One of the advantages of hosting is you can agree with others to host swap. You can find people to host swap with and grow your own channel while supporting other streamers using our tools!

Picking the Price

You could try to find a company to provide you with a prize to giveaway. One possible way is to get in touch with them through our sponsorship marketplace for Twitch sponsors.

Some ideas for great prizes are: Consoles, key coded or DLC content, Mice or mousepads, Keyboards, Headphones, or any other peripheral or gaming accessory. Remember that the most important this is to cater your prize to your audience; Since no one knows your viewers better than you, it is pertinent to give them what they want.

Building the Giveaway Hype

Having picked out your prize, you’ll have to let people know about it. A giveaway without any hype or buildup will be a total flop. The idea here is to reach out to your subscribers and bring them to your channel. You could consider building the hype using an email list, forums, message boards, social media and your Discord and partnered communities.

The Giveaway Event

This is your time to shine. You’ve asked a bunch of subscribers to watch your stream. Now, you can pitch them in with your content if you want to convert them from being followers to subscribers. In addition to having a plan, try to put on a performance; if you can impress your followers that you’re not like other random streamers, then you can capitalize on the new traffic.

It’s always great to be unique from the usual low-effort giveaways. Also, be clear and detailed with the rules attached to your giveaway; don’t tease your viewers or delay the giveaway, always set a deadline and try to stick to it.

As stated earlier, your subscribers will always be glad to hear about chances to win free things, don’t be scared to use giveaway as a channel to grow your stream.

Giveaway for Subs

It’s great to know that Twitch has given some love to streamers who’re working their way up. With the addition of a sub button, affiliate and partnered streamers can now have support from their fans and viewers on day to day basis. And that’s great.

When someone subs to you, they’re handing over their money to you just because they love your content. But then, in one way or the other, you’re in debt to your subscribers.

You need to be aware that giving back to your subscribers is perhaps one of the best ways to form a long-lasting relationship with them. You could probably want to ask the question “If I’m providing awesome entertainment to my subscribers and viewers, is that not enough to keep them coming back?”

Certainly, Entertainment is principal.

But then what if there’s something more?  That’s where giving back plays a considerable role.

There are many ways that you can give back to those who support you. You can try the following out for yourself:

Each month, take a day or two to prepare some postcards for each of your subscribers. Write a simple note about who you’re sending it to.

Every month, schedule a day where you’ll give away something related to your stream. It could be an in-game currency card, a copy of the main game that you play or anything.

Do something awesome for them. Since the release of sub badges, streamers have been pressured to figure out an extraordinary way to surprise their subscribers. An example of something you can do to surprise your subscriber is release new emotes, sub badges or message them personally on Discord or Twitch.

The giveaway will not only create an incentive for the subscriber to stick around, but it’ll also show them how thankful you’re for their support – because it’s sometimes difficult to give weights to your words in such a depersonalized setting.

Giveaways can be a very significant way to boost your traffic and get more fans on your channel. Many people may be there for the giveaway, and many may not come back; however, you’re still gaining exposure to your stream.

If you’re very entertaining, a lot of people will come around and even become regular viewers and the more people on your stream, the better the chance to gain new viewers and followers. Try to give your viewers valuable content that they may not be able to find anywhere else.