How to Become a Twitch Streamer and Setup Your Livestream

Twitch Streaming

Video games can now be played everywhere without a TV and a video game console due to the fact that tablet devices and smartphones have become more popular through improvements in Technology. As time goes by, the video game community grows larger whereby consumers purchase games software digitally on their devices and gradually video games become more socially acceptable. There are three categories of video gaming videos which includes the “Let’s play” videos which are documented gameplay on record with a commentary by the gamer. These videos are aimed at mainly entertaining viewers because the videos are usually humorous; another is “Walkthrough videos” which are videos documented on single game from the beginning to the end and they are most times done without commentary; we also have “Streams” which are video gameplay broadcasted live and usually hosted by a streamer. Video game rapidly becomes a culture with so much interest of many in the social media outlets, this was noticed, and a network channel called Twitch was created.

How Does Twitch Streaming Work?

Twitch is owned by a subsidiary of Amazon, named Twitch Interactive. Twitch is designed to be a live streaming video platform which its primary focus is live streaming video games including broadcasting e-sport competition, music, and creative contents. An added feature to Twitch Streaming is that it allows you as a gamer to entertain the world by broadcasting live your gameplay activities on your workstation and chat about it which earns you living and more friends. Twitch offers streamers the opportunity of broadcasting a game and give reactions to viewers comment at realtime. Twitch is a website of millions of exceptional viewers, and it keeps attracting over 14millions users on a daily basis. Various kinds of different gameplay videos were included alongside streams from gaming events and e-sports tournaments. Twitch is also a platform that allows you as a gamer to set up your gameplay streams as well. Twitch users, viewers, or gamers are very much enthusiastic, and that is the number one reason why the website is fun and active. The website is full of active gamers and audience, including content creators (maker of videos that are consistent in maintaining their own channel).

Twitch is thriving, and users can sign up free and view all online streams. As a viewer, you can also subscribe to Twitch users favorite streaming channels. Being a follower cost you nothing, and the main purpose is to give e-mail notification to the viewers when their favorite channel is available online. Channel subscription is also different because a price is on it and its option is available to only streams that have met the requirements of Twitch Partner Program. and the channel owner share the money equally. Subscribing to the channels grant you access to the perks while donating does not. Viewers, through subscribing to a channel, have the opportunity to stream without advertisements popping up. Competitions or exclusive streams are personal perks for subscribers.

Twitch is aware that gaming now follows consumers everywhere because of the use of smartphones and tablets. They designed a mobile application solely available on smartphones and tablets which allows Twitch users to stream channels in HD resolution. It also permits users to become a follower of their favorite channels. Twitch also has its dedicated streaming PC specs which allow users to link their account with some other available gaming services such as Valve’s stream on PC. Gameplay Twitch Streaming is made much easier with the help of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 new home consoles.

How to Become a Twitch Streamer

Twitch streaming is not a daunting adventure; it can only be if you have less passion for fun. By clicking the “start stream” button, you have agreed to essentially give rise to your own entertainment channel but before you do, don’t you think there some aspects that need to be taken care of? There are five aspects you will want to perfect on how to twitch stream irrespective of what hardware or software you are using. They are:

  • Adopt a Consistent Schedule

Human beings are habitual creature, and that’s the more reason why you must have a twitch stream schedule consistency as a fresh streamer. Pick a date you are to go online with your audience and never fail to stick to it. You can also update the date on your social media timeline and page panels.

Being spontaneous is fun, but most people are enthusiastic, they like to have things they look forward to just like a movie series. Having a clear schedule and meeting up with the time speculated will eventually make your viewers have a mental note to watch your gameplay. If you then become a better streamer, they will probably clear their schedules just to come and twitch stream your channel.

  • Create a Twitch Name

You need to have something that makes you unique as an online personality streaming on Twitch. Think more on the brand you are about to create which is very important. Create a brand around that attribute you know makes you unique from other twitch streamers because there are thousands of them on Twitch. It could be a gaming logo or a unique profile picture with a channel name. All these can be identified as your brand. Your banner can be branded as well. Pay much attention to your mic and make sure your voice is clear. Your mic mustn’t be amazing; all you have to take note is that it does not have lots of statics. The use of a headset or earbuds is also essential so you won’t receive any feedback via your speakers. A horrible mic won’t make your commentary interesting to the viewers.

You can also harness the potential of other social media for it is a medium for you to be found online by your viewers even when you are not twitch streaming. Followers on most of your social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter might automatically translate to your channel viewers if you do things correctly. You should learn from the pros as well.

  • Create a Network with Fellow Streamers and Grow Your Community

Online community creation is the path to tread. Most content creators that are successful streaming on Twitch know this secret and the key into it. It’s not absurd to start small by having few regulars on your chat board but working at it by caring for the few numbers of viewers that show up will help you build a community that supports and love you.

First of all, don’t be carried away by the game you are playing, it’s cool though, but you have to simultaneously interact with viewers in your chat because they will leave if you don’t. Going live on Twitch streaming opens an opportunity for you to interact and go into actual conversations with viewers in chat, so you have to make use of that opportunity. Responding to viewers in your chat is super valuable because they are the ones to furnish you with feedbacks. If they are truly having fun, they will definitely revisit your channel.

Feel free to follow up on other streamers for the road can be lonely most times, but if you are really eager to know more and improving on yourself, visit channels of streamers you like, inbox them and take notes of their moves and all. They will definitely love to share one or two of their insights with you.

Lastly, visit events! That’s the best places to spread your tentacles and don’t be afraid or feel shy to approach other creators you must have met online. Events remain great places to meet cool people who you might have never met before including your online friends. Attend events like Twitch Con, Pax West, Pax South, Pax East, Blizzcon, SXSW Gaming including game-specific events.

  • Don’t Worry About the Viewer Count!

Discouragement tends to set in once you start checking your viewer counts at the earlier stage of Twitch streaming. Your viewer counts won’t go up as quickly as you would like. One of the principal reasons might be that you are playing a more popular game such as Overwatch on Twitch and that splits the total number of viewers on Twitch. All you need is for you to do some research on high viewership but less competitive game to play. That will automatically increase your viewer count as time goes on.

The community that best speaks your language, share the same interest with you, or your home country one is the best you should feel to be part of. It’s very certain viewers in this community will always have your back because they will feel more comfortable with you and will definitely invite their friends.

  • Personality Will Help Your Stream Grow

Personality is the key to Twitch streaming because it plays a major role. You will never have two Twitch Streamers do things the same way or share similarities in any form. So, you have to find and adopt a streaming style you are best comfortable with exhibiting on camera and improve on it daily. Feel no pressure playing games you don’t have flair for just because you have many twitch streamers playing it.

The most important of all is that you must make sure you have fun. You can start using your smartphone or tablets till you finally can set up a home console.

Twitch Streaming Guide

A Twitch Streamer is basically someone who plays or someone who is playing and broadcasting a video game on Twitch website. Twitch as a video gaming website offers the opportunity to watch live broadcasts of a Twitch Streamer while he chats with the viewers about it. Twitch users can browse at will many other channels that are available online at the moment and watch different twitch streamers playing different games. What do you need to stream on twitch and become a Twitch Streamer?

1. Internet Connection

An internet broadband connection with an upload speed of 1mbps at minimum is required for you to stream on Twitch. All you have to do is make an inquiry on a better Internet Service Provider at your locality. Know more about their charges and bandwidth before you subscribe to any. Your internet needs to decent enough to broadcast your streaming video at 720p or above.

2. Twitch Account

You can easily sign up for free on and also make sure as you sign up to include some description about you for viewers to have a sense of familiarity with you. Also, add a custom avatar and banner. You can find custom Twitch artwork for your stream using our marketplace.

3. Gaming PC or Console

These are the two ways by which you can broadcast and stream content on your channel as a Twitch streamer. There are two home consoles which were mentioned earlier; they are PlayStation4 and Xbox One. All necessary streaming setup needed for Twitch streaming has been pre-installed on them for easy streaming. Home consoles software is limited due to restrictions from their individual manufacturer while a PC extends a lot of variety to the streaming experience depending on the PC streaming spec. Almost all of the top Twitch streamers use PC’s or dual PC’s to stream their games.

4. Game Capture Device

As a beginner, this is not crucial, but you will definitely require having it as you become pro. A Game Capture Device is a device used to create an extension to your software library. It helps connect your TV to the computer so you will be able to stream any content from any console. It also allows you to stream footage from your TV screen instead of your computer screen. You can use your PC to encode through streaming software, but it can be hard on your PC.

Setup Your LiveStream with Streaming Software

To set up your live stream, all these following requirements must be put in place to know how to Twitch Stream:

  • A source media such as a video game console or a video camera.
  • A Twitch account to livestream from.
  • A capture device: is needed if only it’s an external sourced. Your PC can encode the stream, but can be hard on your PC.
  • A CDN (Content Delivery Network): it helps in the distribution and delivery of the content and improves your speed relating to your experience.

Best Twitch Streaming Software

There are Twitch Stream software tools for beginners, and there are some developed for Pro Twitch streamers. You’ll need to get yourself familiar with each of them and their personal features, and you can explore and enjoy their unique features depending on settings.

  • Gameshow: a Twitch streaming software that allows you as a Twitch streamer to develop a couple of scenes in no time. It allows you to also add a logo to your scenes. It also allows you to commence streaming in seconds with customized widgets and templates. It works perfectly on low processors. It works by dragging and dropping scenes on each other with a custom timing and transitions effects. It allows direct streaming to Hitbox and Youtube etc.
  • xSplit GameCaster: one of the best live streaming software with easy-to-access recording features. Users are being offered lots of incredible options in the production of customized rich video content for viewers to have an incredible experience with each streamlined sequence. It supports all mostly used capture cards. It offers chat notifications and follower notifications. It offers webcam access etc.
  • Open Broadcast Software (OBS): is one of the best Twitch Streaming software that helps you as a beginner with live streaming needs and stunning video recording. It can run on Windows, Linux and Mac platform. It also allows you to share your gaming experience with the world. It has dark and light themes. Real-time customized transitions are also one of its features. It makes broadcasting and recording a lot easier with much-improved streamlines setting interface.
  • Vmix: meant for professionals. It’s top-notch, and also one of the best live streaming software that can stream SD, 4k and HD content with the least CPU load. It offers 13 unique transition effects. It has the ability to process large numbers of inputs at once on multiple formats. It works hand in hand with live video effects in offering multi-view capabilities etc.
  • Wirecast: it works on a desktop platform. It meets practically all your Twitch streaming needs. It is capable of receiving signals from several input devices. It helps in personalization for it offers unlimited access to transitions, effects, and animations. It offers direct streaming to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • xSplit Broadcaster: as a multimedia source, it allows you as a live streamer to process all kinds of media with less effort to develop your live stream and makes it more interesting. It allows you to personalize your donations and your music request as a user.
  • StreamPro: it’s one of the best Twitch broadcasting live streaming software with highly customizable effects which allows you to stay connected with your followers always. Twitch streamer can build active alerts for a chat, donations, labels, etc. Developing overlays (allows you place data at the top of your stream) on twitch is much easier with StreamPro for its sharp response of drag-and-drop.
  • StreamLabs: StreamLabs is also one of the best Twitch broadcasting live streaming software you can lay your hands on. It offers the possibilities to update layouts, colors, sounds and images with ease. It has a super easy platform.

There are other Best Twitch Streaming Softwares that enables you to stream your iOS or Android to stream such as Screen Stream Mirroring for Android, Twitch IRLTV Live Video Streaming for iOS, etc.

There is also the best Twitch Streaming Software for video editings such as Filmora and many others.

Twitch Stream Setup on Streamlabs OBS

  1. Download the software and install.
  2. Settings > Stream; Select “Twitch” to be the “Service.”
  3. Open on any of your browser
  4. Select “Dashboard” on the upper right corner menu.
  5. Navigate left and Goto “Settings” > “Stream Key” > “Show Key.”
  6. Paste the key in “Stream Key” textbox. The “Stream Key” is known to be the OBS field.
  7. Follow this simple steps and be sure you know how to Twitch Stream.