How to Get More Twitch Followers

Growing Your Twitch Stream and Finding the Right Type of Twitch Follower

Getting more Twitch followers has more to do with who you are attracting and not how many. It comes down to the quality of engagement within your community rather than the size of it. That being said, we all want to get more Twitch viewers in our communities. Take a look at this list of to do’s and things to avoid in your quest to grow your Twitch channel.

What Exposure Can do For Your Stream

Exposure of your Twitch stream can increase the community’s experience by having more to talk and joke about, improve the quality of your Twitch stream by having more people to engage with and unlock monetary opportunities like Twitch sponsorships, donations, subscriptions and more. As many are doing you can make it a full-time job if you provide enough value to your viewers and create a tight knit and engaged community.

Let’s start with a few things to avoid. You would be surprised how many people think these things are natural and things you can do to help your stream… It’s actually hurting your chances of becoming successful with Twitch streaming.

Don’t Use Viewbotting on Twitch!

No matter what you should avoid viewbotting at all costs. You need to ask yourself, what are you doing streaming for? Is it a passion, or a potential lifeline to transition into a gaming career.

Don’t pay for follows or growth because when you get reported, and you will it will interrupt your chance at doing this for fun or doing it for work! Its extremely obvious when people are viewbotting, there’s tons of viewers with no comments and you will get reported for it. People will report you because it is pretty unethical and hurts other streamers.

What to Do When You Get Raided

There’s going to be a point when you are raided. You will have only 60 seconds to impress and convert these viewers to stay and watch your stream. Ask yourself honestly – What would you do if a major streamer brought 5,000 streamers to watch you? They may tip you and shower you with love for a moment but if you don’t have a plan to entertain them, then they will never return. Show your viewers value and entertainment and they will always want to follow and subscribe to watch more.

/Host Other Streamers!

Hosting is a great way to show your viewers more content you are interested in when you aren’t streaming. Obviously, if you play a lot of World of Warcraft and then host a streamer from the Talk Shows category it is probably not going to be very effective. A good way to do this is to brand yourself with content that is related to your own. You should show content related to your own stream that you find entertaining.

One of the advantages of hosting is you can agree with others to host swap. You can find people to host swap with and grow your own channel while supporting other streamers using our site!

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Dual Stream with Someone Whether it’s Competitively or Co-op

Dual streaming is partnering up with someone to stream games together. Make sure you find someone that is a good fit. Your audiences want to hear some back and forth between the two or more of you. It’s more than just another person playing with you. Your stream partner should match your personality and complement your ability to entertain, as should you for joint streaming together. Whether you’re playing FPS cooperatively, or adventuring out into an open world together you should have the chemistry that nobody can reproduce in your gameplay. To find someone to stream with you can use our collaboration board and Discord to find good streamers to partner with.

Join a Stream Team or Community that Supports its Members

Joining a stream team is important, but a stream team that gives as much as you put in is even more important. A lot of the time a stream team community will be a leech on your stream rather than collaborating towards an end goal.

Giveaways To Grow Your Channel!

If you’re willing to invest your time and money into your stream then giveaways can be a great way to bring more people in! Who doesn’t want a shot at free stuff! Make sure your giveaways are within reason. If you have only 1 or 2 average viewers, it probably isn’t worth shelling out $200+ on a giveaway. Make sure your giveaway is within reason and give more incentive for those that follow you on social media, joining your Discord community and being loyal subscribers a higher chance at winning.

Don’t Play Oversaturated Games on Twitch

There is a fine line on what you should play. Of course, if you have 0 viewers and are looking for your first few you don’t want to play games that you won’t show up on when someone looks it up. When someone clicks the game tab, you want to be “above the fold”, which simply means visible on the page. Oversaturated games are definitely something to avoid. Also, games with very low viewership aren’t worth pursuing either since there isn’t anyone looking for people playing those games. At the end of the day, it really comes down to playing what you want. Playing what you enjoy will show up in your attitude and quality of stream.

Act Like a Professional Brand

Take a page from Gary V and promote yourself going live on other channels. Be a brand and announce you starting your session of entertainment on Twitter, Facebook and Discord channels. There are tools like Hootsuite to help you automatically let your followers that you’re going live.

The successful streamers don’t get there and then start acting like their character, or sending out Tweets when they go live. They put all of the things they need to do to become successful and have a high-quality stream and then the results come afterward.

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Highlight Reels, VODs and Clips

Export a YouTube highlight reel or vlog and add announcements of your stream like upcoming events, milestones or giveaways to it. Alternatively, you can promote your clips and Twitch videos to your followers through Tweets, Facebook posts or Discord bots. This can be another good way of bringing people who are looking for content like yours from YouTube and other channels to your Twitch stream.

Post on Communities

Posting you going live on a community page like your own Discord group or group finders can be a helpful way to attract new viewers from gamers who like that specific game. A custom Discord group can be a good way to interact with, and post you going live to people who love your content.

Also, a great way to gain more presence for your stream is to create posts on Reddit and being active in other Discord communities.

Stream Titles Should be Enticing

You need to stand out from the crowd in every way. That also includes your site title. Instead of “Playing WoW” try “What’s Your Favorite Starting Zone? – WoW PVP”. Activate your click-baiting ability and have something there to start a conversation with new viewers!

Take a Look in the Mirror

If you’re not having success the great thing is it is right there on tape. Some of the best athletes and entertainers take the time to review themselves and see how they can improve their gameplay and refine their talent. Having more viewers means you are retaining viewers, and not just recycling viewers constantly. Find out what makes you unique and be someone worth watching.

Create a Quality Branded Layout

Branding your Twitch stream is incredibly important. You are presenting to someone a form of visual entertainment, so having something actually worth looking at is vital. An easy way to improve your stream without changing anything within it is to change the exterior of what a viewer will see. Whether its the Twitch emotes specific for subs or having new panels and overlays made for specific scenes you need to make sure your visual presentation is up to par.

With Dough, you can improve your stream by connecting with freelancers easily. You can browse packages like overlays or emotes, or create something specific. With all in one tools, you can easily have art commissioned for your channel.